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Solar Analytics

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Solar Analytics System Monitoring

Get more from your Solar

The smart software that delivers more value from your solar system.

Your solar and energy data is collected and analysed by a suite of automated algorithms. Solar Analytics then delivers the following benefits to you.
Your 6 main benefits:
Get started in just minutes with a 30 Day Free no obligation trial
An unbiased comparison tool will help you pick the best electricity plan for your solar home based on real energy usage and can save an extra $400 a year.
Make sure your solar is performing at 100%, and if it’s not, the true performance tool will let you know.
Your savings calculator accurately lets you see your solar savings and expected bills week after week.
Know when it’s the right time to invest in a battery and which size is right for you.
Get full visibility over your energy usage patterns and when to best use your solar.

How do I connect?

Your solar and energy consumption data is collected over the cloud from compatible hardware such as inverters and smart meters.

Solar Company can help choose the right hardware if you’re considering new solar or you can easily add Solar Analytics to existing compatible systems.

How will it work?

Your solar systems output, and your home’s energy consumption pattern create your households unique energy profile which is automatically analysed by Solar Analytics software.

Using patented algorithms, we’ll turn your actual data into clear and simple information so you can maximise your bill savings. Simply connect the My Solar app on compatible devices to check your savings and let Solar Analytics keep an eye on things for you.

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Solar Analytics

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