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The solar dealer comes in many shapes and sizes.

Over the years we have seen the typical solar dealer change from a small boutique operator usually with a trade background, into a diverse and ever more sophisticated range of businesses.

Australia has literally thousands of solar dealers and the core challenge is to stay competitive, profitable, relevant and to be found in an increasingly noisy market.  It’s not easy!

We deal with hundreds of customers who are spread right across the spectrum and one thing is for sure – we salute you! We work tirelessly to offer great products and to help you stay at the top of your game but ultimately, it’s your hard work that gets solar systems sold and installed so we just want to say thank you.

Along the way, Mr SJ has seen many things tried so we thought we would try to help with our top five tips for being a successful solar dealer.

  1. Know who you are – Whether you are a one-man band or a large player being crystal clear about who you are and what your unique solar proposition is, is critical. Find your niche and stay focused on it, don’t try to be everything to everyone or compete in every market. Build your brand and your stories around demonstrating with proof as you go.
  2. Leverage your strengths – Every solar business has unique strengths and weaknesses compared to others – do you know what yours are? Can you leverage them harder to compete more effectively?
  3. Get used to marketing – No business can survive without marketing. More than just advertising, true marketing is about understanding your customer’s needs and wants and responding with carefully targeted messages and offers. Its ok to admit you aren’t a marketing expert and hire some help too. Social and digital media increasingly offers a simple and low cost way to reach your customers.
  4. Make your supply chains awesome – The best marketing and salesmanship won’t help you if you don’t have well priced products delivered on time. Choose a supplier who can take the load off you by buying the best products well and makes sure logistics runs smoothly for you. A great supply chain means happier customers and less wasted effort.
  5. Stay tuned in – The solar market never stands still so being tuned in is critical. Get out of your office and take your key staff to events and training so you are one step ahead.  More sophisticated players also subscribe to STC analysis (predicting price and volume changes) and other intelligence services to keep abreast of latest developments.  Be ready for the next big thing but know when to enter or exit a market.

Solar Juice was founded by people who really understand the solar market. Our team is here to help you leverage your strengths and save you time and money by keeping things simple and cost effective, but we also want to share what we know! Need some extra help? Got an idea you want to run past someone you can trust? Want a tip on what’s coming?  All you have to do is ask.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll share more stories tips, tricks and valuable information to help you grow.

Till next time, The Juice.

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