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Get Tesla Certified

Install, Market or Sell Tesla Powerwall

How to Get Tesla Certified

Why get Tesla Certified with Solar Juice?

Solar Juice is not just an authorised Tesla Powerwall Reseller but one of the largest and most reputable distributors of Powerwall products in the Australian market. Our success comes from the passion our team and representatives share, who always investing in long term relationships with our partners and customers. 

With Tesla Powerwall products, not anyone can install, sell or market them, that is, until you become a certified Installer or Sub contractor. All it takes is a simple application and our passionate team are here to assist and facilitate you through this process.

How it works:

  1. Drop your details with us using the form below.
  2. Click the button that comes up to submit an official application to Tesla.
  3. Tesla approves the application and emails an NDA. 
  4. Complete online installation and compliance requirements training under the ‘Tesla Energy Certified Installer Program’.
  5. And lastly sign of the Certified Installer Agreement.
  6. Once signed, you’re Tesla Certified and gain access to Tesla marketing material and technical documents via the Partner Portal as well as the right to install, sell or market Tesla Powerwall products.

What you’ll get:

  • You’ll become a Tesla certified installer, or subscontractor
  • You’ll gain access to the Tesla Partner Portal
  • You’ll gain access to the marketing material of Tesla

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Need help or more information? Speak to one of our friendly staff or send us a message and we'll assist you through this application process.