AS/NZS4777.2:2015 Compliance

“AS4777” is the buzzword for the month and from October 9th all inverters will need to comply.

Some of the main changes introduced in the new standard are to as follows:

  • Introduction of Demand Response Modes (DRM’s)
  • Changes to Passive Anti-Islanding trip points
  • Additional Power Quality modes
  • Phase balancing requirements

Manufacturers all have a different approach, so please ensure you are buying compliant stock.  Most manufacturers have ensured all their product is compliant and listed, but there are a few delays to some models.  We urge you to please check the model is listed before installing.

At Solar Juice we have quarantined all non-compliant stock and will not sell unless our customer is assured they will install prior to October 9.  We have also attempted to list the process followed by each manufacturer in the attached technical brief.

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